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23 to 25 April 2024, Crowne Plaza, Riyadh RDC



from the President of Health Support Services

Dr. Maram Al-Otaiby
President of Health Support Services Center Ministry of Health

Dear Distinguished Guests,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the Trends & Innovations in Medical Laboratories Conference, taking place from 23rd to 25th of April 2024 at the Crowne Plaza in Riyadh.

In this rapidly evolving era of healthcare, where advancements are being made at an unprecedented pace, it is imperative that we come together, share our knowledge, and embrace the latest trends & innovations in the field of medical laboratory sciences. Indeed, this conference serves as a beacon, guiding us toward a brighter future where cutting-edge digital technologies and ground-breaking research & development pave the way for enhanced patient care.

We understand the critical role that clinical laboratory sciences play in shaping diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes. It is through the tireless efforts of laboratory technologists, clinicians, and healthcare professionals and scientists that crucial insights are gleaned, enabling accurate diagnostics, personalized treatments, and ultimately, better patient outcomes. This conference serves as a unique platform for us to delve into the depths of clinical pathology and its myriad sub-specialties within laboratory medicine. It is an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and explore the latest advancements in genomics that have the potential to revolutionize our practices and uplift the quality of care we provide to our patients.

We have gathered here today, not just as individuals, but as a collective force driven by a shared purpose – the pursuit of excellence in laboratory medicine. The knowledge and expertise present in this room are unparalleled, and I am confident that the discussions and collaborations that will take place over the course of this conference will be nothing short of transformative.

I would also like to express our sincere gratitude to the sponsors and partners who have wholeheartedly supported this event. To all the participants, I encourage you to make the most of this conference. Engage in thought-provoking conversations, forge new connections, and absorb the wealth of knowledge that surrounds you.

Once again, I extend my warmest welcome to you – may this conference serve as a catalyst for inspiration, leaving an indelible mark on our collective pursuit of advancements in clinical laboratory services.

Thank you.

from the Executive general director laboratories operation center

Dr. Abdullah Aljurayyan
Executive General Director Laboratories Operation Center

On behalf of the Scientific Committee,
It is my great pleasure and privilege to welcome you all to our Trends & Innovations in Medical Laboratories Conference, which will be conducted from the 23rd to the 25th of April 2024. 

Clinical laboratory science is one of the most rapidly growing fields in medicine. It is important to be updated with the advanced research and progress in pathology. This congress will be a wonderful gathering to discuss different aspects of laboratory medicine and its sub-specialties.
It will bring together clinicians, laboratory technologists, healthcare professionals, students, scientists as well as distinctive experts to discuss and share views about innovations in laboratory medicine and how to apply them in our routine practice towards the goal of improving patient care outcomes. 

The aim of this conference is to discuss the latest advancements and innovations in clinical laboratories. Our purpose is to bring together multidisciplinary groups of medical specialists to provide excellent clinical laboratory services. 

We would also like to thank and appreciate the sponsors of this conference, and we truly value your participation and support.
I wish all of you a meaningful and fruitful conference.

Thank You


An Overview
of the Conference

Embracing the transformative power of technological advancements, our Trends & Innovations in Medical Laboratories Conference aims to propel clinical laboratories into the forefront of modern healthcare. Aligned with 2030 vision goals, this event will delve into cutting-edge perspectives and emerging trends in laboratory medicine.

Through insightful discussions and presentations, attendees will gain valuable knowledge on the latest updates in laboratory development, ultimately showcasing advanced expertise in diagnostic services. Join us for three days of comprehensive seminars, dynamic discussions, and interactive workshops led by laboratory professionals, shaping the future of healthcare delivery.

Goals & Objectives

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Target Audience

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